Cross-Border Service-Learning Summer Institute at Lignan University–in Hong Kong (funded)–January 31 deadline

25 January 2012

Cross-Border Service-Learning Summer Institute (SLSI) is a 6 week summer course (with 3 credits) that has been offered for two years. In the Institute, Lingnan University (HK) students have a great chance to cooperate with exchange students from universities from the Asia-Pacific region and United States. The Institute incorporates various study elements, including Guest Lectures, Research, Workshops, Agency Visits, Service Practicum and Service Activities with cross-cultural interaction. Students will also engage in a Service-Learning tour in Mainland China. All students receive sponsorship.

Objective of the Institute
Through collaborating with each other, the local and international students are expected to obtain a better understanding of Service-Learning and some of the social issues of Hong Kong, China, and the world. Moreover, the students are expected to develop their sense of global social responsibility, leadership, and commitment to cross-cultural interaction.

In brief, the learning objectives are to:

  • Facilitate understanding of current social issues in the community, from a cross-cultural perspective and from theory to practice
  • Build students’ grasp of the Service-Learning concept and applied research in the community;
  • Develop students’ sense of global citizenship, and strengthen students’ community leadership

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