Center for Global and Regional Studies Research Fellowships

19 December 2019

OCS Returnees are encouraged to apply for a Fellowship through the Center for Global and Regional Studies

The goal of CGRS Junior Research Fellowships is to aid students with work that deepens their understanding of local, regional, national, or international issues, especially when such issues have global implications. We are particularly interested in students who wish to further projects undertaken during an OCS program (domestic or international), especially when this work will feed into their comps.

These fellowships can be for up to $5,000, and they can even finance work you want to do abroad (joint proposals will also be entertained).

Priority will be given to students who are majoring or minoring in an area study (EUST, MELA, etc.) or language/culture program (Spanish, German, Japanese, etc.).

The deadline for applications is February 11.

Questions? Feel free to reach out to David Tompkins (, the Director of the Center for Global and Regional Studies.

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