Carleton in Copenhagen with DIS!

29 September 2020

Carleton College Custom Program

On September 12, DIS welcomed 53 students from Carleton College for a 10-week custom program including a variety of courses, housing options, and study tours within Denmark. Our staff and faculty are so happy to have U.S. students here again for the first time in six months. After mandatory testing upon arrival and a 48-hour quarantine while awaiting results, the students have started classes and are getting to know the city – walking to Tivoli, playing soccer with new local friends from their Kollegium, and enjoying the last of the summer sun with their Homestay families.

This cohort has followed DIS and local public health guidance, leaning into their experience while being very mindful of the impact their decisions have on their hosts, other students, and local communities. This weekend, they enjoyed DIScovery Trips around Denmark to explore Danish green energy, eat herring, go rock climbing, and learn more about Danish history, art, food, and cultures. Despite cold and rainy weather across the country, one group of students opted to dive enthusiastically into the North Sea while another chose to bike around one of Denmark’s islands rather than take alternative (and drier) transport – our staff are impressed!

Photo Credit: DIS, caption: Carleton College students climbed to the top of a wind turbine during a visit to learn about sustainable energy in Denmark.

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