2019-2020 OCS programs have been announced!

23 April 2018

The list of Carleton OCS programs for the 2019-2020 academic year is here! See the full list below, and contact OCS with any questions.

Summer 2019 (Winter 2020 required LOA):

 Irish Studies in Ireland with Constance Walker
 Economics and European Studies in Cambridge with Paul Petzschmann
 History of Computing in England (new program) with David Liben-Nowell    

Fall 2019    

 German Studies in Berlin with Seth Elliott Meyer
 Spanish Studies in Madrid with Humberto Huergo

Carleton Global Engagement Programs (Fall Semester Programs)

       Buddhist Studies in Bodh Gaya with Arthur McKeown
       Comparative Women’s and Gender Studies in Europe with Iveta Jusová

December Break 2019

 Microeconomic Development in Bangladesh with Faress Bhuiyan
 Cinema and Cultural Change in Chile and Argentina with Jay Beck and Cecilia Cornejo

Winter 2020

 Geology in New Zealand with Clint Cowan and Cam Davidson
 Architectural Studies in Europe with Baird Jarman
 English Theater and Literature in London with Constance Walker
 Political Economy and Ecology in Southeast Asia with Tun Myint

Spring Break 2020

 Wilderness Studies at the Grand Canyon with George Vrtis

Spring 2020

 French and Francophone Studies in Paris with Cathy Yandell
 Sport and Globalization in London and Seville with Bob Carlson
 History, Culture, and Commerce: Zanzibar, Oman, and Bahrain (new program) with Thabiti Willis
 Linguistics and Culture in Japan with Mike Flynn
 Language and Culture in Global Russia with Diane Nemec Ignashev

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