Report from Copenhagen

9 October 2020
By Elise Lehman ’23
Carleton Students Searching for Shells
Carleton students on a seal safari in Fanø looking for shells and seals.

Hej from Copenhagen!

We have been studying abroad with DIS in Copenhagen for exactly one month now and have been learning and seeing so much during our time here.

Students Hiking in Jutland
Carleton students on a traditional schnapps tasting tour and hike. Learning about the different herbs that Danes use to infuse their schnapps from the wild!

One of my highlights of this program so far was our Discovery Trip to Jutland (the large peninsula mainland of Denmark). My group and I went to the oldest town in Denmark, Ribe, and a close island off of the mainland, Fanø. There was a group of 12 of us Carleton students who went on this specific trip and we got to do so many fun things such as blokarting on the beach, watching hundreds of starlings fly together to create something often called the “black sun,” and going on a seal safari!

Back in Copenhagen, we have been enjoying biking all over the city and to classes! Denmark is the biking capital of the world and we quickly learned why — the bike lanes are on every street and it is a lot faster to bike rather than drive or take public transportation!

Hej hej! (It’s how you say ‘goodbye’ in Danish!)

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