Founded in 1983, the Carleton Economics Seminar has been located at the University of Cambridge for over 35 years. Starting in Brussels, the program familiarizes students with the institutions of the European Union. It was the experience of the world wars that made possible the creation of institutions of European governance. The memory of the Great War will be at the center of an excursion to the battlefields of Flanders, immortalized in countless poems and other works of trench literature. While memory of the conflict has done much to unite European elites around the idea of shared governance, it also continues to divide historians and Europeans generally. The seminar will continue to explore these divisions on location in Cambridge and London while studying Britain’s long and fractious relationship with Europe. Students will also read the works of some of the most famous political economists who made Britain their home in the 19th and 20th centuries. Their discussions of Capitalism and its crises will be supplemented with visits to sites of the Industrial Revolution in Manchester and the British Midlands.