Off-Campus Studies

Guggenheim Bilbao Museum

Featured Program: Architectural Studies in Europe

Spanning three countries, ten weeks, over 100 site visits, and millennia of history, this program approaches the built environment in multiple ways. Students explore historical styles via lectures and readings, analyze primary sources and designs, visit sites with local experts, and scrutinize architectural forms via the contemplative practice of drawing. The program welcomes students from all disciplines without any prerequisites.

sunset over the desert

Featured Program: History, Culture, and Commerce: Africa and Arabia

Explore archaeological and heritage sites in Zanzibar, Oman, and Bahrain that form an important contact zone in the Indian Ocean World. The program offers a unique view of the rich and living legacies of cultural and commercial exchange between Africa and Arabia in the past and present. 

pink fruit

Featured Participant: Maia Garby ’23

Maia Garby ’23, a Biology major, studied abroad with the SIT (School for International Training) IHP Food Systems program this past Fall. She spent one month in Ecuador, one month in Malawi, and one month in Spain learning about agricultural practices, food systems (production, distribution, consumption), and the environmental/social/economic challenges that each country faces with regards to food.

Aarhus rainbow panorama

OCS Photo Contest

The 2022-23 OCS Photo Contest is live! If you have participated in an off-campus program, fellowship, or internship during your time at Carleton, you are encouraged to submit up to three photos for the chance to win cash prizes and have your photos displayed at an end-of-spring reception! Submissions close on Sunday, April 2.