Where Carls Live: Watson Hall

Marlena Resnick (Chicago) welcomes us into her Watson Hall Triple! 

21 February 2018 Posted In:
Here she is in her room!
Here she is in her room!Photo:

Watson Hall


When you think of a typical college dormitory, you probably think of a building that looks a lot like Watson Hall—tall, rectangular, symmetrical, pretty generic. Watson is the tallest building on Carleton’s campus and was built in 1966, originally as a women’s dorm. One of the greatest attributes of Watson are the balconies accessible through every floor’s shared lounge—lounges that are laid out more openly than most of the other dorms on campus. And although most students feel too weird about using them, there are also bathtubs in every bathroom. And here’s more:

  • Watson is 7 stories high, plus a basement
  • The ground floor has a grand piano for your musical fingers and a big lounge for your lounging body
  • Each room has walls that are made of a cork board-like material that allows students to use push pins and hang up pictures and posters freely
  • Located just in front of The Garden of Quiet Listening, considered one of the best Japanese Gardens in the country
  • Closest buildings: Cowling Gymnasium, Evans Hall
  • Mostly first-years, some sophomores and juniors
  • Offers singles, doubles, and triples

Marlena Resnick, a first-year potential American studies major from Chicago, lives in a Watson triple—in this interview she talks about what she thinks of her space: