Where Carls Live: Musser Hall

Emerson Herrera ’19 (San Franciscoinvites us to explore his room in Musser Hall! 

10 May 2018 Posted In:

Musser Hall

If you ever go on a campus tour of Carleton College, your tour guide will take you into Musser Hall to show you a typical double — this is because Carleton goes against the typical college tour, where the guide displays the best rooms, and chooses instead to show the “worst case scenario.” But that’s the thing! Even though Musser rooms are the smallest on campus and the hall itself is pretty old (built in 1958), it’s not that bad at all! There’s even a sort of cabin-y feel to Musser, not to mention that the dorm stands right next to the Complex, an incredible building that houses 3 dorms (Burton, Severance, and Davis), Burton Dining Hall, and the Sayles-Hill Campus Center all under one roof. Musser has more to offer, too:

  • Four floors, though the first floor has no student residences, instead offering a spacious lounge and study rooms
  • Home to one of the more coveted storage spots for students studying off-campus, or just leaving Carleton for the summer
  • On the same street as the Dacie Moses House, the famous Carleton “Cookie House”
  • Closest dorm to Northfield’s downtown area
  • Tiled walls line the dorm, allowing students to decorate the space using dry erase markers
  • Closest buildings: The Complex (including Burton Dining Hall), Scoville Hall, Townhouses
  • Mostly first-year students, some sophomores

Emerson Herrera is a junior political science/international relations major and a Latin American studies minor from San Francisco. This term he is living in a Musser double room — though without a roommate. Find out what he thinks about his room in the interview below: