Where Carls Live: Goodhue Hall

Junior Benja Reilly (Upper Marlboro, Maryland) gives us a peek into his Goodhue double! 

28 March 2018 Posted In:
Exterior of Goodhue Hall.
Exterior of Goodhue Hall.Photo:

Goodhue Hall

It might be a little shocking to find out that a whole lake separates Goodhue Hall from the rest of campus, but don’t worry, Carleton’s campus is small enough that even Goodhue isn’t more than a 10 minute walk to the campus center. That, and its location is great for anyone who wants to explore the arboretum (“the Arb”) or work out at the Recreation Center (“the Rec”). Goodhue opened as a dorm in 1962, and until 1999 was also home to its own dining hall—that, rumor has it—had the best brunch on campus. Since then, the dining space has been converted into a “superlounge,” which has ping pong, pool, and big-screen televisions. What else about G-Hue:

  • 4 stories tall, plus a basement with big and small study rooms
  • Originally home to sophomore and junior men, and named after Horace Goodhue Jr., professor of Greek and college Dean
  • One side of the building faces “arb side”—looking directly into the trees, while the other is “lake side”—which has a shimmering view of Lyman Lake
  • Some rooms have balconies!
  • Close to the Hill of Three Oaks, a great place for campfires
  • Closest buildings: the Recreation Center, Farm House, Parr House
  • Mostly first-year students, some sophomores
  • Offers some singles and mostly doubles

In this interview, Benja Reilly, a junior Religion major from Upper Marlborro, Maryland, tells us about living in his Goodhue double: