Where Carls Live: Burton Hall

Hebba Gouda (Westchester, NY) tells us about living in her two-room double in Burton Hall. 

17 February 2018 Posted In:

If you’re afraid of the cold, harsh Minnesota winters, you’re probably hoping to live in Burton Hall. Why? Burton is the only dorm that is part of the Complex that you can live in as a first-year student. The Complex is an entirely indoor building on campus that houses 3 dorms (Burton, Severance, and Davis), the Burton Dining Hall, and the Sayles-Hill Campus Center. Wow—and that’s not to mention that Burton rooms are all pretty unique and have great windows. Burton’s been around since 1915, when it was a men’s dorm, and the fourth floor was remodeled in 1938. There’s so much more about Burton, too:

  • 4 stories high, plus a basement (where you can find the Burton Dining Hall)
  • Check your mail, pick up packages, get a snack, and check out events in the Great Hall, without ever having to go outside
  • Has special rooms like two-room triples and suites with a living space and sleeping space
  • First floor has notoriously heavy traffic from students going to Sayles-Hill through the Complex
  • Closest buildings: Severance Hall, Davis Hall, Sayles-Hill, Willis Hall, Scoville Hall (Admissions), Musser Hall
  • First-years, sophomores, and juniors
  • Offers singles, doubles, and triples

Hebba Gouda, a junior physics major from Westchester, New York, lives in a two-room double on first Burton. She let us peek into her life there: