Natalie Bax ’24 and Oliver Tullio ’24 selected for Fulbright Canada-MITACS Globalink research program

Bax will be doing statistical research at Western University in London, Ontario, and Tullio will travel to Halifax, Nova Scotia to do research with the architecture department at Dalhousie University.

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Collage of photos of Natalie Bax and Oliver Tullio.

Natalie Bax ’24 and Oliver Tullio ’24 were selected this year to be part of the Fulbright Canada-MITACS Globalink research program for 2023. The program provides American undergraduate students with the chance to participate in academic research from a wide range of disciplines at various Canadian universities under the direct supervision of experienced faculty, with each internship lasting 10–12 weeks over the summer. During their time in Canada, students are also given the opportunity to take part in professional training and development, networking, and extensive opportunities for cultural, social and recreational experiences.

Natalie Bax, outside with the Chapel in the background.
Natalie Bax ’24

Bax, a statistics major and Spanish minor, will be doing statistical research at Western University in London, Ontario. Using statistical and machine learning models, Bax and her mentors will develop capacity planning models to help hospital administrators better manage patient flows in intensive care units (ICUs).

“Basically,” Bax said, “the project involves predicting the amounts and types of resources that are used in an ICU from short- and long-term perspectives, so that hospitals can optimize their resources.”

Bax’s research experience has stemmed exclusively from her Carleton classes so far, so she hopes the Fulbright program will help her figure out whether or not she’s interested in graduate school and/or a career in statistics research.

“I also hope to become more comfortable with reading papers related to statistical research and modeling, and applying new models with R,” she said. “I hope this internship will give me more confidence in my abilities, and that it will teach me something about myself and my interests.”

Bax, who participated in an off-campus studies (OCS) program in Madrid, Spain, is also looking forward to experiencing a different type of living abroad.

“While studying in Spain, I really enjoyed the opportunity to just exist as a resident of Madrid. It made me wish to connect with the community and culture on a deeper level.” Bax said. “I wish I’d had the time to take classes in the community, so that I could connect with more locals. I hope to do this in Canada, whether they be painting classes or gym classes or something related to statistics. I also want to see Niagara Falls, and I might visit some national parks on the weekends and just explore the nature available to me.”

Bax is excited to take advantage of the opportunity to live alone for the first time as well.

“I’ll get a chance to learn to live with myself,” she said. “I have never truly lived alone, and I of course plan on sticking to my Carleton roommate’s side for the rest of eternity, so this will be an interesting chance to figure out who I am when I’m living alone. Hopefully the lack of roommates will force me to overcome my shyness and make some friends on campus, too.”

Oliver Tullio posing in front of the Grand Canyon.
Oliver Tullio ’24 on his Grand Canyon OCS trip.

Tullio, who is studying computer science and environmental studies (ENTS), will travel to Halifax, Nova Scotia to do research with the architecture department at Dalhousie University. He will work on virtual prototyping for carbon-negative additive manufacturing to help combat climate change, taking plants that sequester carbon from the atmosphere and using them in 3D-printed building materials.

“It’s a combination of tech and the environment,” Tullio said, “with 3D printing and research on carbon negativity. I’ve worked in Carleton’s Makerspace a lot, so I’m excited to do more of that kind of work. I’m also excited to bring what I’ve learned back to Carleton in the fall, to help other students who use the Makerspace.”

Tullio has high hopes for his internship and is looking forward to the breadth of experiences the program will afford him.

“I want a greater understanding of how academia contributes to climate change research and what people’s innovative climate solutions are,” he said. “It’ll be interesting to work in a lab and do that kind of research. I’ll also get a lot of insight into current work being done in ENTS fields that I can use in future classes at Carleton. I’ll be living in a city for the first time, too. I’m from the middle of nowhere in New Hampshire, so even Northfield felt big to me when I got here. Moving to a city, especially where I don’t know anyone, will be a big change and a new challenge, but I’m excited.”

Halifax is just the latest of Tullio’s travel destinations; he’s been on OCS programs to Iceland and the Grand Canyon, and will be heading to Tanzania in the fall. The access he’s gotten to international travel at Carleton, he says, has prepared him well for this summer by teaching him how to adapt to new situations.

“I always want to explore more internationally,” Tullio said. “I’m excited to go to Canada now! It’s a wonderful and important opportunity to build international relations and explore a new part of the world. In my opinion, everyone should go on an OCS trip if they can.”

Tullio is planning on spending his free time this summer training for Nordic skiing and experiencing the Canadian wilderness.

“I reached out to the Nordic team there and will do summer training with local Nordic skiers,” he said. “I’m really looking forward to meeting new people and getting new experiences, going on grand adventures, and exploring Canada through hiking and mountain biking.”

Students interested in applying to the Fulbright Canada-MITACS Globalink research program should contact Carleton’s Office of Student Fellowships for support and assistance.