Critics’ Choice: HOTTEA is a ‘must-see’

There are only four pieces in the exhibit, each quite distinct and compelling. Collectively, “Swing Low” is simply stunning.

16 April 2015 Posted In:
"The Collector," an installation by Minneapolis artist HOTTEA
"The Collector," an installation by Minneapolis artist HOTTEAPhoto:

The visually stunning exhibit “Swing Low,” now on display in the Perlman Teaching Museum, features installations by three Minnesota artists—Elizabeth Simonson, Alison Hiltner, and HOTTEA (aka Eric Rieger)—along with Massachusetts artist Rebecca Hutchinson.

[[id=”1266214″ width=”500″ float=”left” caption=”The Collector by HOTTEA”]]

All four artists were commissioned to create original sculptural pieces that literally “hang” from the lighting grids atop the gallery’s 24-foot high ceiling.

Alison Hiltner’s multi-media installation unites the worlds of science, technology and nature in a way that is fascinating—and somewhat eerie.

Rebecca Hutchinson’s piece, incorporating handmade paper and clay–and created entirely on site—is an exquisitely lovely reflection of complex systems in nature.

And Elizabeth Simonson’s intricately beaded installation literally “buzzes” with energy.

But it is the installation by Minneapolis street artist HOTTEA that is literally one of the most amazing things ever featured in the Perlman Teaching Museum.

Entitled “The Collector,” HOTTEA’s piece is seemingly simple in design, but the overall effect is mind-boggling. The piece features 5700 strands of yarn in every imaginable color of the rainbow, hanging uniformly from the gallery’s ceiling. The result is mesmerizing. Look at it again and again, from all different angles, and it seems to constantly change and come alive in front of your eyes. Observers will definitely “taste the rainbow.”

The Perlman Teaching Museum is located in the Weitz Center for Creativity, on the corner of Third and College Streets in Northfield. Admission is free; for gallery hours and other information, visit

“Swing Low” is on display through May 3.