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  • Roy Grow (political science) interviewed on WCCO Radio and MPR

    10 January 2003

    Roy Grow, the Frank. B. Kellogg Professor of International Relations, was interviewed January 9 for the Minnesota Public Radio program “Midday” and on January 10 for WCCO Radio about the current political climate in North Korea.

  • Carleton parent e-newsletter mentioned in The New York Times

    6 January 2003

    In a January 6 article, The New York Times reported that parents are becoming more involved in the lives of their college-aged children. The generational gap is narrowing now that baby boomers, once so alienated from their parents, have become parents themselves. Carleton is mentioned as a school that has a e-mail newsletter for parents that helps them stay connected with their child’s college community.

  • Ellen Anderson ’82 named “The legislator to watch” by Pioneer Press

    5 January 2003

    Minnesota state senator Ellen Anderson ’82 was named “the legislator to watch in in 2003” in the January 5 Saint Paul Pioneer Press Business Beat column. Anderson is a member of the DFL party and represents Saint Paul. She is the new chair of the Senate Commerce Committee which regulates energy companies, banks, insurers, telecommunications providers and other commercial entities. Anderson is also a community faculty member at Metropolitan State University. Anderson majored in history at Carleton.

  • Professors Voice Opinion in Star Tribune

    23 December 2002

    Nelson Christensen, associate professor of physics; Joel Weisberg, professor of physics and astronomy; and Barry Casper, professor of physics, wrote an Op/Ed piece in the December 23 Star Tribune about the lack of an operational national missle defense system in the United States. They argue that the current system, which has been scheduled by President Bush for deployment in two years, is still in its infancy and that an effective technology won’t be developed for many years.

  • Steven Schier (political science) writes Op/Ed for Star Tribune

    22 December 2002

    Steven Schier, the Dorothy H. and Edward C. Congdon Professor of Political Science, wrote an opinion piece for the December 22 Star Tribune comparing the simplistic Canadian electoral ballot to the relatively confusing Minnesotan one. He argues that there are too many races on the American ballot, and that it is nearly impossible for a voter to negotiate so many choices knowledgably.

  • Barrie Osborne ’66 interviewed on KARE 11 about LotR

    18 December 2002

    Barrie Osborne ‘66 was interviewed on Decemer 18 by Twin Cities’ television station KARE 11 about his work as producer of the “The Two Towers,” the second installment in the “Lord of the Rings” trilogy. Osborne also was quoted in the December 15 Saint Paul Pioneer Press, stating that the study habits that he developed at Carleton were helpful in organizing the storyline of the movie. He also was interviewed for a December 15 Star Tribune story about his career. Osborne majored in sociology at Carleton.

  • Thomas O’Sullivan (library) writes for Star Tribune

    15 December 2002

    Thomas O’Sullivan, curator of library art & exhibitions, wrote an article in the December 15 Star Tribune about the behind the scenes preparations for the new exhibit at the Minneapolis Institute of Arts titled “Eternal Egypt.”

  • Joel Weisberg (physics) quoted in CSM

    12 December 2002

    Joel Weisberg, professor of physics and astronomy, is quoted in the December 12 Christian Science Monitor articled titled “Scope’s face-lift pulls deep space from view,” on the improvements being made to the radio telescope at the Arecibo Observatory in Puerto Rico.

  • Jenny Wahl (economics) quoted in Star Tribune

    10 December 2002

    Jenny Wahl, professor of economics, was quoted in the December 10 Star Tribune in an article about the new White House economic team. She comments that President Bush is setting his own economic course and that “he’s not looking for advice.”

  • Charles Cogan (admissions) write on Nigeria for CSM

    4 December 2002

    Charles Cogan, senior assistant dean of admissions and director of international recruitment, wrote an article in the December 4 issue of The Christian Science Monitor titled “Nigeria’s window of opportunity.” Cogan discussed the controversy of sharia, or Islamic law, which sentenced Amina Lawal, a Nigerian woman, to death by stoning for having a child out of wedlock.