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  • Carleton suspect SARS case reported

    1 May 2003

    A Pioneer Press article titled “Student is state’s 8th suspected SARS case” ran on May 1. The story gave details of the treatment and release of an unidentified Carleton student who had just returned from the College’s Beijing program. “He’s not very ill and he’s been discharged,” said a Minnesota Department of Health spokesperson. The student will remain in quarantine for 10 days after his symptoms subside.

  • Abby Weeks ’05 quoted in Bangor Daily News.

    22 April 2003

    Abby Weeks ’05 was interviewed for an April 22 article in the Bangor (Maine) Daily News titled “Readers who stitch and tell” about area residents who enjoy sewing, needlework and similar pursuits. Weeks, who crochets, reported that many students at Carleton, male and female, have taken up knitting. “We refer to it as ‘constructive fidgeting’,” she said. “Everyone teaches everyone else.” Weeks is a mathematics major at Carleton.

  • Jenny Wahl (economics) quoted in Star Tribune.

    21 April 2003

    Jenny Wahl, professor of economics, was quoted in an April 21 Star Tribune article titled “What price victory?” Wahl commented on the possible outcomes of U.S. economic aid decisions toward Iraq. Wahl is a member of the Star Tribune Board of Economists.

  • David Waterbury (facilities) featured in Morrison County Record

    20 April 2003

    David Waterbury, chief maintenance plumber, and his wife, Molly, were featured in an April 20 Morrison County (Minn.) Record article titled ” ‘On the Weekend’ opens for business in Pierz.” The Waterburys opened a retail store featuring gifts, antiques and garden accessories. Waterbury did the renovations himself. The shop is located in the Little Falls, Minn., area and the name reflects the days the shop is open, Thursday through Sunday.

  • Shahzad Bashir (religion) quoted in Star Tribune

    20 April 2003

    Shahzad Bashir, assistant professor of religion, was quoted in an April 20 Saint Paul Pioneer Press article titled “Treasures of Iraq in jeopardy” about the plundering of Iraqi museums and antiquities. Bashir commented on the importance of the antiquities to regional, world and Islamic culture.

  • Steven Davis (student life) quoted in Star Tribune article

    19 April 2003

    Steven Davis, director of the academic support center, was quoted in an April 19 “Seeker’s Diary” column in the Star Tribune about the Northfield Buddhist Meditation Center. Davis is a member of the Center and emphasized that “[the center is] ecumenical, while supporting different Buddhist traditions.”

  • Luke Lightning ’93 featured in Purdue press

    15 April 2003

    Luke Lightning ’93 was featured in an April 15 article in the Purdue Exponent Online titled “Native Americans need community.” Lightning spoke of his experience as a Native American during his years at Carleton and the important of raising community awareness. Lightning is an assistant professor of medicinal chemistry at Purdue and serves as a mentor to Native American students. Lightning was a chemistry major at Carleton.

  • Steven Schier (political science) comments on Minnesota senator.

    14 April 2003

    Steven Schier, the Dorothy H. and Edward C. Congdon Professor of Political Science, was quoted in a Saint Paul Pioneer Press story titled “Coleman uses travel to raise profile.” The article reported on Senator Norm Coleman’s first three months in office. “There’s no question that he is one of the celebrities of the freshman class,” Schier said. The story was also picked up by the Associated Press.

  • Barbara Vaile ’60 quoted in Star Tribune

    12 April 2003

    Barbara Vaile ’60 was quoted in an April 12 Star Tribune article titled “Town, college clash over war.” The article covered reactions to a Northfield anti-war protest march and how town/gown relationships have been affected by the situation in Iraq. Vaile was an English major at Carleton.

  • Brice Keown ’04 quoted in Washington Post

    6 April 2003

    Brice Keown ’04 and his dad, Paul, were quoted in an April 6 Washington Post travel section article titled “This April in Paris” that interviewed American tourists about their experiences traveling in France during the current situation in Iraq. Their main concern was the appropriateness of a vacation holiday at this time, rather than safety. Ultimately, they decided “It’s more important then ever to come, to make connections and bridge cultures,” Paul said. Brice is majoring in economics.