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  • Career Center Externship Program Highlighted by Financial Times

    4 March 2010

    Carleton’s career center’s externship program is the focus of a feature in the March 4 edition of The Financial Times titled “Placements with a domestic twist.” The article focuses on 25th Reunion Trustee Paul Van Valkenburg’s ’82 and Barb (Behringer) Geiser’s ’83 role as volunteer hosts. The article is available at, although registrations (free) may be required. You can learn more about the externship program on the career center’s website.

  • Hinman ’95, Member of Atlanta Rollergirls, Profiled for Atlanta Magazine

    3 March 2010

    Katy Hinman ’95 is profiled in the March 2010 edition of in an article called “Wonder Women!” Hinman, a biology major at Carleton and executive director of Georgia Interfaith Power and Light, goes by the moniker Bat L. Royale in Atlanta-area roller derby circles and is on the Toxic Shocks, one of four teams in the Atlanta league. The article’s author, Hollis Gillespie, writes: “Hinman herself is a walking model of diversity, which explains her attraction to the sport. She has a B.A. and M.A. in biology, a Ph.D. in ecology and evolution, and presently (when not trying to knock the badunkadunk out of opposing derby girls) she coordinates the regional program for Georgia Interfaith Power & Light and is a pastoral scholar at her church. In 2007 she saw signs advertising the Rollergirls near her Little Five Points office and decided to attend that year’s championship bout. She was hooked. “I loved to skate as a kid—Xanadu was one of my favorite movies—and I’d seen a lot of old-school, kitschy roller derby on TV back in the day,” Hinman recalls. “But seeing hard-core flat track for the first time, I fell in love. Great athleticism and full contact, but everyone looked like they were having so much fun.” She attended a Rollergirl recruitment skate the next weekend, and bought skates and pads later that day.”

  • Stiles ’86 Finalist for National Book Award, Says Star Tribune

    15 October 2009

    T.J. Stiles ’86 is a finalist for the National Book Award, as reported in the Oct. 15 edition of the Star Tribune. Stiles is a finalist in nonfiction for “The First Tycoon: The Epic Life of Cornelius Vanderbilt,” published by Alfred A. Knopf. Stiles told the newspaper that he was notified Tuesday, and that it was very hard to keep the news under his hat for 24 hours. He currently resides in San Francisco.

  • Star Tribune: Writers Zielin ’98, Quigley ’98, Find Commonality

    16 August 2009

    Lara Zielen ’98 and Sarah Quigley ’98 shared the same class year but didn’t know one another during their time on the Northfield campus. The Sunday, Aug. 16 edition of the Star Tribune uncovers that in their post-college lives as writers, however, the duo both recently released new books for young adults through Penguin, Quigley’s “TMI,” about a girl who reveals too much on her blog, came out in April. Zielin’s book, “Donut Days,” about a girl who hopes to win a scholarship by writing about a doughnut franchise, comes out this month. Both books mention Northfield, are set in a fictional Minnesota town and mention the cold weather.

  • Young ’68, Baseball Card Business Profiled by Star Tribune

    22 July 2009

    Christopher “Kit” Young ’68, owner and president of Kit Young Baseball Cards, is profiled in the July 22 edition of the Star Tribune. The story tells of Young’s decision to forego the family banking business and start his own baseball card shop. “There was a little consternation on my family’s part,” said Young, now 63. “After that fancy college education, I was going to sell bubble gum cards.” In the 30 years since opening his store — one of the first full-time baseball card stores in the country — Young has done OK. His San Diego-based company, which focuses on vintage (pre-1975) sports cards, is one of the most influential and honored in the sports memorabilia business, the Star Tribune says.

  • Career Center’s “Engagment Wanted” Program Featured in Northfield News

    17 July 2009

    The Carleton career center’s “Engagement Wanted” program is the focus of a Northfield News feature in its Saturday, July 18 edition. The article uses Kyle Kingsbury ’09 as an example, as he utilized a connection with Mark Hall ’85 to secure a job. “Broadening the group of people you know may be the only way for you to find those very few opportunities out there,” Manager of Mentor Relations Brent Nystrom ’92 said. “Once you’re getting yourself out there and beginning to netowrk, you don’t really know how far it’s going to go.”

  • McTavish ’84, New Business Profiled by Star Tribune

    5 July 2009

    Hugh McTavish ’84 is profiled in the July 6 edition of the Star Tribune regarding his new business, IGF Oncology, that’s developing a drug that tries to kill only cancer cells. McTavish, a biochemist, started the company after needing chemotherapy seven years ago to treat his non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma. “It may cure some people of cancer,” McTavish said. “I don’t really think it will be a cure for everyone. But you never know. The results may be more spectacular than I expected. There’s no reason why they can’t be, I guess.”

  • Admission Possible, Founder McCorkell ’90 Praised in White House Ceremony

    5 July 2009

    Admission Possible founder and CEO Jim McCorkell ’90 was praised by President Barack Obama during a June 30, 2009, White House event in the East Room in support of Obama’s proposed social innovation fund. “We’ve got Jim McCorkell here from Admission Possible, a group that helps promising young people from low-income families attend college,” Obama said during his speech. “Ninety-nine percent of the Admission Possible class of 2008 got into college – 99 percent. The vast majority of students stay in college and earn their degrees. Admission Possible operates in just two states now, so imagine if it were ten or 20 or 50.” The event also drew coverage in the Pioneer Press, as Khullani Abdullahi ’07 reflected on how the program helped her find Carleton. “Maybe you find your way and maybe you don’t,” said Abdullahi, who is starting her third year at the University of Minnesota Law School. “But with Admission Possible, you’re almost guaranteed to find a way.”

  • We bring you another weekly installment of our “Week in Pictures.” Winter term at Carleton is in full swing, and we have images of the weekly convocation series by the Wall Street Journal’s Doug Blackmon, photos from “Volunteer from Carleton” and the Lunar New Year celebration, hosted by Carleton’s Asian Students in America. We also have images from the Knights’ home men’s and women’s basketball contests, as well as some swimming images from the Knights’ Carleton Mini-Invite.

  • Caldwell ’75 Profiled by Newsweek

    13 October 2008

    Kirbyjon Caldwell ’75 is profiled in the latest edition of Newsweek about his endorsement and relationship with presidential candidate Barack Obama. The article examines Caldwell’s relationship with Bush and his current ties with Obama.