Carleton Announces Faculty Grants for 2022–23

The Faculty Grants Committee announces the following faculty development fellowship awards for 2022-23.

19 November 2021 Posted In:
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The Faculty Grants Committee announces the following faculty development fellowship awards for 2022–23.

Term-long fellowship awards

  • Barry Costanzi, Physics and Astronomy, Hewlett Mellon and Elledge Fellowships to support work on a project to characterize the fundamental classical and quantum mechanical properties of mesoscale magnetic systems through electrical transport measurements.
  • Summer Forester, Political Science, Hewlett Mellon and Class of ’49 Fellowships to return to Jordan to conduct fieldwork, and revise and expand the arguments and analyses developed in her dissertation for a book, Securing Women’s Rights.
  • Dan Maxbauer, Geology, Hewlett Mellon and Eugster Fellowships to support work on testing enhanced silicate weathering in field and greenhouse experiments designed to constrain both carbon capture potential and agricultural co-benefits of an emerging carbon dioxide removal technology.
  • Meredith McCoy, American Studies and History, Hewlett Mellon, Smith, Class of ’54, NEH/Smith and Mellon Endowed Fellowships to complete the remaining research for a book-length project illuminating the experiences of relocated urban Native children in the 1940s and 1950s.
  • Helen Minsky, Physics and Astronomy, Hewlett Mellon Fellowship to support experimental work on the flaw tolerance of elastomer adhesives.
  • Allison Murphy, Philosophy, Mellon Endowed Fellowship to complete the final two articles in a series of three that explore Aristotle’s view of the role of friendship in the good human life.
  • Layla Oesper, Computer Science, Hewlett Mellon Fellowship to support a project resulting in the development of novel computational methods for the analysis and interpretation of tumor evolution.
  • Liz Raleigh, Sociology and Anthropology, Eugster Fellowship to support a project examining the financial lives of first generation college students as they transition to adulthood.
  • Asuka Sango, Religion, Dean’s Fellowship to work on a book project entitled Living Thought: Practices of Scholarly Learning in Medieval Japanese Buddhism.
  • Anya Vostinar, Computer Science, Hewlett Mellon Fellowship to support work to extend a digital evolution system to enable the evolution of endosymbiosis and investigate the evolutionary consequences of that dynamic

Targeted opportunity awards

  • Anita Chikkatur, Educational Studies, support from the NEH/Smith and Roth Funds to act as one of the co-organizers for a convening on Youth Participatory Action Research (YPAR) and youth activism and organizing in Minnesota.
  • Wes Markofski, Sociology and Anthropology, support from the Presidential Fund for a project exploring how Native American activists and allies use scientific and spiritual meanings to form identities, establish authority and boundaries and mobilize individual and collective action in the fight against oil pipeline expansion.
  • Arjendu Pattanayak, Physics and Astronomy, support from the Roth Fund to develop a science writing project on energy, entropy, and sustainability with a focal point being a water pumping and storage system driven by solar panels in Southeastern India.

Other grants

  • Sharon Akimoto, Psychology, for travel and research expenses for a project exploring how US and Japanese people respond to receiving assistance from others by paying back with a gift and/or continuing the relationship.
  • Shaohua Guo, Asian Languages and Literatures, for travel to China for field and archival work for a project examining change and continuity of Zhang Ziyi’s star images across different historical periods.
  • Humberto Huergo, Spanish, for travel to Spain for work on a paper on one of Góngora’s best known sonnets.
  • Susan Jaret McKinstry, English, to complete research in London into 19th century British artists, and write poems based on explorations and discoveries in the cities and museums.
  • Lei Yang, Asian Languages and Literatures, to visit three institutions in China to see manuscripts, talk to scholars, and finish a book project, “Retelling the Past: Narrative Devices in Early Chinese Historiography.”