The Language Requirement – Information for First-Year Students

Carleton requires that all students become competent in a second language. This requirement can be satisfied in these ways:

For languages taught at Carleton:

  • Satisfactory completion of a fourth-level language course numbered 204 (fifth-level or 205 in Arabic, Japanese or Chinese); or
  • A suitable score on the College Board Advanced Placement exam, or International Baccalaureate exam. See prior credits policy.
  • Students should take the placement exams online or during New Student Week. In this case, there is no need to fill out a bilingual petition–simply show up at the testing.

For languages not taught at Carleton: 

  • For native speakers of languages other than English, by demonstrating competence in their native language as well as English. See our Language Exemption site for details.

Studying Languages at Carleton

For more information about studying languages at Carleton, see our Language Requirement FAQ.

The following languages are offered at Carleton. Follow the links for further information about the language programs available at Carleton.