We’re here to help! If you don’t find all the answers you need on this site, contact Admissions at 507-222-4190. For specific questions and concerns, you may wish to consult the list of frequently-contacted offices below.

For questions regarding the New Student Week schedule of events, Parent Orientation, or related topics, please contact the Student Activities Office at 507-222-4462.

Office / ResourceContact Information
Academic AdvisingPhone: 1-507-222-4311
Email: Yansi Perez, Director of Advising
Accessibility ResourcesPhone: 1-507-222-4464
Fax: 952-479-5305
Email: Office of Accessibility Resources
Address ChangesPhone: 1-507-222-4195
Email: Address Changes
AdmissionsPhone: 1-507-222-4190
Fax: 1-507-222-4526
Email: Admissions Office
AthleticsPhone: 1-507-222-4447
Email: Heidi Jaynes, Associate Athletic Director
BookstorePhone: 1-507-222-4153
Fax:  1-507-222-5811
Email: Carleton Bookstore
Computing & Email SupportPhone: 1-507-222-5999
Email: ITS HelpDesk
Dean of Students (Student Life)Phone: 1-507-222-4075
Fax: 1-507-222-5549
Email: Dean of Students
Financial AidPhone: 1-507-222-4138
Fax: 1-507-222-4269
Email: Student Financial Aid
Health PromotionPhone: 1-507-222-4495
Email: Office of Health Promotion
Housing & Residential LifePhone: 1-507-222-4072
Fax: 1-507-222-5818
Email: Office of Residential Life & Housing
Human ResourcesPhone: 1-507-222-4830
Email: Human Resources
Intercultural LifePhone: 1-507-222-4896
Email: Renee Faulkner, Director of Intercultural Life
International Student LifePhone: 1-507-222-4013
Email: Liz Cody, Director of International Life
Language PlacementPhone: 1-507-222-4252
Fax: 1-507-222-5492
Email: Language Placement
Math PlacementPhone: 1-507-222-4360
Fax: 1-507-222-4312
Email: Math Placement
OneCard (Dining & Access card)Phone: 1-507-222-5384
Email: OneCard Services
PayrollPhone: 1-507-222-4283
Fax: 1-507-222 5330
Email: Payroll
Post Office / Mail ServicesPhone: 1-507-222-4151
Email: Mail Services
Provost’s Office (Academics)Phone: 1-507-222-4300
Email: Office of the Provost
RegistrationPhone: 1-507-222-4288
Fax: 1-507-222-5419
Email: Registrar's Office
Religious LifePhone: 1-507-222-4003
Email: Chaplain’s Office
Student Accounts (tuition questions)Phone: 1-507-222-4165
Fax: 1-507-222-5330
Email: Student Accounts
Student Activities Office (New Student Week & Parent Orientation)Phone: 1-507-222-4462
Email: Student Activities Office
Student EmploymentPhone: 1-507-222-4138
Fax: 1-507-222-4269
Email: Student Employment
Student Health InsurancePhone: 1-507-222-4165
Fax: 1-507-222-5330
Email: Candace Koen, Student Accounting Manager
Student Health and Counseling CenterPhone: 1-507-222-4080
Fax: 1-507-222-5038
Email: Student Health and Counseling
TransportationPhone: 1-507-222-4636
Email: Info Desk