Two paper mailings are sent in May: one to students, and one to parents.

Mailing #1

Mailing #1 (for students) ships on May 13th, and will include the following paper documents:

  • Cover Letter 1
  • New Student Checklist Designed to help new students stay organized and complete tasks ahead of arriving on campus in the fall. NOTE: Some of these items will update automatically, while others require you to mark the item as complete on your own. 
  • Technology at Carleton – Carleton log-in credentials specific to each student.

Mailing #2

Mailing #2 (for parents) ships on May 20th, and will include the following paper documents:

Translated versions of Cover Letter 2 and Parents Advisory Council Letter: Arabic |اَلْعَرَبِيَّةُ Chinese Mandarin | 中文  French | Français  Hindi | हिन्दी  Japanese | 日本語  Korean | 한국어/韓國語   Portugese | Português  Spanish | Español  Thai | ภาษาไทย  Vietnamese | Tiếng Việt

Visit the “For Parents and Families” page for more parent-related information