Recommendation Letters

If you would like to request a letter of recommendation from a Carleton Neuroscience faculty member for a graduate program, summer research opportunity, fellowship, etc., please follow the steps outlined below.

Step 1: Meet with the faculty member well in advance of the deadline (4-6 weeks preferred, one month minimum). This is an opportunity for you to share your goals and aspirations, which will help them write a strong letter for you.

Step 2: Share the following information about yourself to assist in writing your letter. Enter all of this information into the form below.

  1. Reminder about which classes you took with me, and when.
  2. Unofficial transcripts
  3. A résumé (if you don’t have one, this is a great time to put one together). Here are some tips for creating a résumé.
  4. Cover letter, personal statement, essay or other documents that you are writing for the program to which you are applying.
  5. Explain your strengths using specific examples from our interactions. This is your chance to talk about specific information you’d like me to include in your letter. Don’t be modest! You may find it useful to approach this as though you were drafting your own letter of recommendation. This is your chance to show your commitment to professional school, your drive to get in, how well you follow directions and that you realize it is important to share the responsibility for this important step in your life. Some questions that may help you here:
    • Why do you want to go to graduate/medical school?
    • Why are you sure you will succeed? What qualities do you have that are important or special that will help you deal with the hardships of professional school?
    • What are your problem solving and critical thinking skills?
    • Do you have examples of excellence in scholarship?

Step 3: Create a chart that includes submission information (URL, mailing address, email address etc), due date and other instructions for ALL the places you would like the faculty member to send a letter. If you leave one off, or update the list and send it a second time, it’s likely that the letter will not get sent to that program.

Step 4: Send a reminder email as the deadline approaches.

Step 5: Let the faculty member know the outcome of your efforts!

Note: By asking for a letter you are providing permission to disclose academic information such as class participation, grades, etc.

Letter of Recommendation Request Form

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