All 100 and 200-level courses are open to all students, though some courses require prerequisites or approval from the instructor. Some suggested courses for first-year students include:

Fall Term

  • A&I Seminar: Music and Advertising (Rodman MUSC.100)
  • Music Fundamentals (Camci MUSC.101)
  • Music and Storytelling (McCorkle MUSC.111)
  • Listening to the Movies (McCorkle MUSC.115)
  • Jazz Workshop (Caviani MUSC.196)

Winter Term

  • Musicianship Lab I (Camci MUSC.103)
  • America’s Music (Flory MUSC.126)
  • Race, Gender, Classical Music (McCorkle MUSC.211)
  • J-POP (McCorkle MUSC.213)

Spring Term

  • Musicianship Lab II (Camci MUSC.104)
  • Choir & A Cappella Arranging (Olson MUSC.109)
  • From 42nd Street to West Side Stroy: The American Film Musical (Rodman MUSC. 123)
  • History of Rock (Flory MUSC. 136