Ingrid Dai ’20 (Double Major with Economics)

  • Musical Interests: I’m studying violin and piano, and I’m in the Carleton Orchestra. I sing in a community choir, and I am interested in music history.
  • Other Interests & Activities: I am also majoring in Economics, and I’m interested in Environmental Studies and French. I love Synchrony and Disney movies! 

Alexander Frieden ’20 (Double Major with Psychology)

  • Musical Interests: I’m Alexander, and my primary musical interests are Electronic/Pop Music Composition, and writing for Musical Theater.
  • Other Interests & Activities: Outside of music, I enjoy reading, acting and playwrighting, conducting psychology research, playing tournament bridge, and holding seances in my backyard. 

Skyelar Ginsberg ’20

  • Musical Interests: A true Disney princess at heart, Skyelar loves all things broadway and Disney, but she won’t complain no matter what you put on the radio. She sings, plays piano and drums, and knows a few chords on the guitar.
  • Other Interests & Activities: She’s pursuing voiceover in hopes of becoming a Disney character and never having to grow up. Raised in Oregon, she loves rain and the ocean, though usually not together. 

Caroline Hall ’20 (Double Major with Environmental Studies)

  • Hometown: South Bend, IN
    Musical Interests: I play the piano and guitar and I like to listen to indie rock, folk, classical, and alternative hip hop music. The area of musical studies that interests me the most is ethnomusicology and the intersection of music and social justice.
  • Other Interests & Activities: Environmental justice and sustainability, being outdoors, gardening, cooking, running, reading, social justice activism 

Gus Holley ’20 (Double Major with Asian Studies)

  • Musical Interests: I play zhongruan, pipa, and hardingfele, and I like historical ethnomusicology, heterophony, microtones, dissonance, and notational systems.
  • Other Interests & Activities: I also like linguistics, human evolution, and IKEA furniture. Talk to me about epigenetics, lefse, and times you misheard what someone said and it was funny. 

Matthew Pan ’20 (Double Major with Chemistry)

  • Musical Interests: I enjoy everything from classical music to punk rock- there is always something new and interesting to listen to.
  • Other Interests & Activities: Outside of music, I enjoy sketching in my free time. Academically, my interests lie with chemistry and medicine. 

Oliver Staten ’20 (Double Major with Computer Science)

  • Musical Interests: I love listening to classical music, in particular film tv and video game music, and I love playing my trumpet as well.
  • Other Interests & Activities: I enjoy computer programming, and playing badminton and video games with friends both at Carleton and at home. 

Jackson Warren ’20

Evan Wright ’20 (Double Major with Biology)

  • Musical Interests: Composition, EDM production, sound synthesis, future bass, frisson, poetry with music, violin and piano performance
  • Other Interests & Activities: Climbing mountains, unfiltered conversations, playing table tennis and squash, baking, reading classics, making igloos, juggling, neuroscience, medicine


Melissa Bornstein ’21

  • Musical Interests: At Carleton I am in orchestra, Pied Pipers, and Just Cellin’, and I want to be a high school music teacher after Carleton.
  • Other Interests & Activities: I am an education studies minor and enjoy participating in Synchrony II.

Rebecca McCartney ’21 (Double Major with American Studies)

  • Musical Interests: Rebecca has been singing and playing piano since a young age, and particularly enjoys RnB, jazz, folk, choral, and indie rock music. Look out for her upcoming acoustic duo project under the name Garden Party !!!!!
  • Other Interests & Activities: She’s also an American Studies major, politics nerd, long-distance hiker, climate justice advocate, and makes a mean focaccia. She has been known to never (ever) leave the Weitz.