Weitz Center copy machines are located:

  • Music Wing 1st floor outside M115
  • Music Wing 2nd floor between M217 & M222
  • Music Office, W125

Large quantities, binding and special printing projects can be sent to Print Services.

Personal copies should be charged to your OneCard.

Door Access and Lockers


Door Access is via OneCard. Permissions will be activated by the Department Assistant. If you find you need access to additional locations, please contact the Department Assistant.

If you are locked out of a location after hours, you may contact Security Services at 507-222-4444.

Students registered for applied music programs will have OneCard access to Weitz practice rooms and residence hall practice rooms activated by the Department Assistant.


Students registered for lessons/ensembles may request access to instruments and storage lockers through the Ensemble Library (ELibe) by visiting Weitz M016/M039 or by email to <>.

ELibe staff do their best to assign lockers equitably, but may not be able to accommodate all requests for storage.


Mailboxes are provided for faculty in the Music Office, Weitz 125. All mail is delivered to the Music Office daily (Monday – Friday). There is an “Outgoing Mail” box in Music Office, Weitz 125. Any mail questions, please reach out to the Department Assistant.