Copying and Duplicating Services

The Department copy machine is currently housed on the main floor of Music Hall. Use of the machine requires a One Card. Each faculty member should get a One Card (see the DAA if you need more information). Personal copies should be charged to your One Card or you can reimburse 10 cents per copy to the DAA.

Students should be encouraged to purchase music and discouraged from copying music. In most cases, it is illegal to copy music that is currently in print. Moreover, it is both in our interest as musicians and Music Department policy to encourage the purchase of music.

Many online sources of music are readily available, and in addition, a representative from Schmitt Music stops weekly in the DAA’s office and can receive and drop off orders. Information on how students should order from Schmitt Music is posted on bulletin boards in the Music Hall and in the Concert Hall. Students should not ask the DAA to order music for them, nor should they expect the Department to cover the cost of their orders.

Under no circumstances are students to make copies of music for applied lessons and charge the cost to the Department or to the teacher, nor should faculty make copies of music for their students.

For non-music/non-copyrighted copying, please keep the following in mind. No more than 10 copies of a single page should be made using the Department copier. If you have to make more than ten copies of an item (such as lesson policy guidelines, technical exercises you have developed, etc.), you should make use of Carleton’s Print Services for duplicating. It’s much less expensive and the turn-around is excellent. See the DAA if you need guidance in completing a printing order form.

Keys and Lockers

Applied faculty who require keys, either for room access or for storage facilities should see the DAA to arrange authorization from the Carleton facilities office. Students registered for applied music programs who need access to practice rooms will have keys ordered for them or they may request keys from the DAA for certain locations.

Students request­ing lockers in the Concert Hall may request keys from the Instrumental Library attendant. Please note that if a student is not registered for applied music, they will be denied access to keys. Also, it is the responsibility of the faculty member to inform the DAA should a student with access to studio space drop or add the course. 

Mail Service

Mailboxes are provided for faculty in the Music Hall and the Concert Hall; your mailbox will be located in the building which houses your primary teaching studio. All mail is delivered to the Music Hall (usually twice a day) and then relayed to the Concert Hall. There is an “Outgoing Mail” box in both the Music Hall and the Concert Hall. Please contact the DAA if you are not receiving incoming mail or if the outgoing mail is not being picked up.

Student Entertainment Fund

Funds can be provided to faculty to encourage off-campus interactions between faculty and students. This fund is available to help faculty members defray such costs of entertaining students. Funds are extremely limited and requests should be sent to the Chair. Requests for funding should be made no more than once per year.