The various academic and administrative tasks required for running the Music Department are the responsibility primarily of the full-time faculty and staff, and, in a few instances, part-time faculty. Full-time members of the Music Department each have special departmental duties assigned to them as part of their workload.

Information about the special assignments of the current faculty is available from the Chair. These duties are in addition to non-teaching duties (such as committee service, academic advising, and so forth) expected of all full-time faculty by the College. Part-time faculty who have certain duties assigned to them are compensated for those particular tasks, as is specified in their teaching contract.

Department Committees

The Comps Committee

The Comps Committee is responsible for the administration and oversight of the Integrative Exercise (“comps”) for the senior music majors. This includes handling comps proposals, faculty advising assignments, and scheduling of special comps presentations, such as recitals, lecture-recitals, and readings of compositions.

The Concert Committee

The Concert Committee organizes the concert series, establishes and oversees policies for all concerts and recitals, and plans special events. Applied faculty interested in giving recitals, organizing special student recitals, and so forth should contact the Concert Committee.

Department Staff

Chair (or Co-Chairs) of the Department

The Department Chair serves as the steward and ombudsman for the Department as a whole. The Chair is a rotating position held by a full-time, tenured faculty member, or shared by two, usually for a term of three years.

The principal duties of the Chair include:

  • General oversight for all personnel matters, including evaluation and supervision of staff, tenure reviews, third-year reviews, applied faculty reviews, and hiring of both academic and non-academic personnel
  • Department budget oversight, planning and authorization
  • Facility management and operation, including building improvements and repair
  • Oversight for academic scheduling with the Registrar, updating of the annual College Catalog and general curricular information
  • Liaison with all College offices (academic and administrative), unless otherwise designated to another full-time faculty member within the Department, and serves as Department representative at College meetings
  • Chair of Music Department meetings
  • Work with the Office of the Provost regarding preparation and issuing of yearly contracts
  • Supervise student billing and payments to applied faculty during the academic year

The Chair’s role is to assist his or her colleagues in fulfilling the teaching mission of the Depart­ment; please feel free to contact the Chair at any time should you have complaints, concerns, suggestions, or other information you feel the Department “ought to know.”

Department Administrative Assistant (DAA)

The Department Administrative Assistant provides administrative support services required for all faculty and students in the Department of Music. In addition, the DAA:

  • Prepares classroom materials and correspondence for academic faculty
  • Distributes keys and lockers
  • Maintains departmental files
  • Maintains the minutes and agenda for weekly department meetings
  • Schedules studio teaching times for faculty teaching applied music lessons, and may help coordinate scheduling of makeup lessons
  • Verifies class lists each term and coordinates billing of lessons
  • Provides administrative assistance to all applied faculty

The DAA’s supervisor is the Department Chair. The DAA’s office hours during the term are nor­mally 8:30 am-Noon and 1:00-4:30 pm The DAA should not be given assignments that fall outside the categories listed above. Questions regarding budgets, studio space, services, contracts, mileage payments, etc. should be directed to the appropriate faculty member in the Department (see above).

Music Collections Curator (MCC)

The MCC oversees the Music Resource Center (MRC), our collections of CDs (which are available for faculty use and check­out), listening room equipment, listening library book and score collection, and the Bailey score collection. In addition, the MCC:

  • Maintains the departmental archive recordings of concerts and other events upon request, produces dubs of departmental concerts
  • Oversees our recording and duplication policy
  • Hires and oversees student workers in the Music Resource Center
  • Purchases CDs, scores, and supplies as requested by faculty
  • Catalogs new purchases and other collections into the College and department databases
  • Provides class preparation and support for faculty

Performance Activities Coordinator (PAC)

The PAC provides administrative support for all Department ensembles, Department-sponsored student recitals, and Department-supported visiting artists. In addition, the PAC:

  • Schedules all activities in the concert hall when classes are in session
  • Handles stage set ups, recordings, and receptions for Department-sponsored events
  • Supervises the production and distribution of posters and programs
  • Coordinates external publicity through the Carleton News Bureau
  • Arranges accommodations, receptions, dinners, transportation, etc. for visiting artists

The PAC’s office is in the Music Hall, Room 104; regular hours are posted each term.

Department Meetings

Department meetings are held each week when classes are in session. Meetings are attended by full-time faculty members and the Department Administrative Assistant. Others may be invited to attend for specific presentations and discussions. Agenda items may be submitted to the Chair and will be scheduled for the earliest possible meeting.