The Music Department has several music venues and rehearsal spaces. While the Music Dept. maintains priority, some spaces may be reserved for use by non-departmental groups with permission.


Use these calendar links to check the availability of a venue:

Please find contacts below for your specific needs and purposes.

Music Department Events

To reserve a space for a Music Department performance such as a concert, recital, or master class, please contact Alexi Carlson If you need a classroom or rehearsal space that is not Kracum Performance Hall, please contact Diane Fredrickson and Erin Gustafson.

Students giving recitals must be enrolled in MUSC 299 in lieu of registering for applied lessons. During the term prior to the recital they must complete the Recital Application Form.

Student recitals are generally on Saturdays in May from 1pm-6pm, with more than one recital per day or booked as a shared recital. Typical reservations are 1:30-3:30 for a 2pm recital, or 3:30pm-6:00pm for a 4pm recital. A recital must be at least 30 min. in length.

Talk with your instructor about MUSC 299 and contact Alexi Carlson to book a time. More information about student recital policies can be found on the application form.

Music Events by Student Organization

If you are an SAO-registered Student Organization musical group who wants to give a concert in one of the Music Department’s performance spaces, please reach out to SAO to begin the process of scheduling an event. SAO will help you find the best space for your event.

To reserve a space for SAO-registered Student Organization musical group rehearsals, please contact Diane Fredrickson and Emma Buechner for assistance.

Events Sponsored by Other Campus Offices and Organizations

To discuss reserving a space for an event in the Music Dept., please contact Steve Richardson and