Carleton Choir in Kracum Hall
Carleton Choir in Kracum Hall

Matthew Olson, Visiting Director of the Carleton Choir

The Carleton Choir

Mondays & Wednesdays 5:00-6:30 pm (Weitz Studio M215)

MUSC 185 1 credit; S/CR/NC; Arts Practice

The Carleton Choir is a mixed-voice ensemble of 40-50 students singing repertoire ranging from classical masterworks, to gospel and global songs. Led by Visiting Director Matthew Olson, the choir has recently collaborated with Chris Koza of the band Rogue Valley as well at Carleton’s own Jazz ensembles. A casual voice placement is required to assess vocal range.

The Carleton Chamber Choir

Thursdays 5:00-6:30 pm (Weitz Studio M215)

The Carleton Chamber Choir is a select mixed-voice ensemble of 12-16 students singing challenging repertoire ranging from music of the Renaissance, Baroque, Romantic, and 20th Century time periods. Membership in the Carleton Choir is required, as is an audition that includes tonal memory and basic sight-reading. A year-long commitment is expected except for those studying abroad for a term.

Auditions & Voice Placements

To sign up for a voice placement (Carleton Choir) or audition (Chamber Choir), please select a time via Moodle. Voice placements consist of a vocal range check, tonal memory, and conversation about your musical background. Voice auditions for Chamber Choir also include sight reading.

Audition Instructions

Auditions are scheduled through Moodle.

Auditions usually take about 10 minutes, and we try to make these as informal and “user friendly” as possible. Still, good preparation always makes for a less-stressful audition experience, so we encourage you to come prepared!