Collage of seven portraits of Carleton studio art faculty members
Portraits by Xavier Tavera

New Work by Carleton Studio Art Faculty: January 12–April 16, 2023

An exhibition highlighting recent work by Kelly Connole, Jade Hoyer, Eleanor Jensen, David Lefkowitz, Stephen Mohring, Danny Saathoff, and Xavier Tavera

The Perlman Teaching Museum is delighted to present an exhibit of recent work by studio art faculty members Kelly Connole, Jade Hoyer, Eleanor Jensen, David Lefkowitz, Stephen Mohring, Danny Saathoff, and Xavier Tavera. The Museum stages an exhibit of faculty artworks every four years so that Carleton students have an opportunity to see their instructors’ work at some point during their time at the college.

Carleton’s art department is committed to teaching the traditional hands-on skills of artmaking while encouraging experimentation and an expansive and expanding idea about art’s role in our shared culture. Faculty provide guidance as students develop technical, critical, conceptual, creative, and collaborative skills across many media in the studio and beyond.

At the same time, faculty members maintain their own creative studio practices. The work on display in this exhibit reflects these artists’ areas of expertise, experience, and research. Ranging from small handheld objects to large installations, these pieces represent a sample of the varied research of seven individuals the Carleton community is lucky to have teaching and creating amongst us.


Please join us for an opening celebration with the artists on January 12, 2023, from 5–7pm.

Additional opportunities to hear the artists speak about their work in person:

  • January 31 at 12 noon (David Lefkowitz and Xavier Tavera)
  • February 21 at 12 noon (Jade Hoyer and Stephen Mohring)
  • April 6 at 12 noon (Kelly Connole, Eleanor Jensen, and Danny Saathoff)

Gallery view of 2023 faculty exhibition

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Two small shelves of ceramic cups by Kelly Connole. The top shelf contains white cups and the bottom contains irregularly earth colored woodfired cups. To the right of these shelves, on top of a pedestal, there is a clear vitrine of various hand forged spoons and cups suspended on a wooden display all created by Danny Satthoff.