N55: Architecture Collective in Residence

9 January 2015

N55 is a Copenhagen-based art and design collective comprised of Ion Sorvin, Till Wolfer, and Anne Romme. Through designed objects and mobile environments, N55 seeks to interrogate the very nature of public spaces. With their commitment to open source design and the wide circulation of plans and manuals for all of their products, N55 encourages us to take greater ownership over our environments and living spaces.

In the Winter Term, N55 will engage the Carleton community on issues related to the democratic public sphere through a five-week course ​Critical Studies in Public Space with N55,​ as well as through a series of public events.

  • Residency in the Perlman Teaching Museum: January 9–February 5, 2015. 
  • Exhibition: Designing a Carleton Public Space with N55, featuring new ideas for a Cowling Arboretum Center and office: February 5–March 11, 2015.
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