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Twigonometry, Patrick Dougherty’s fascinating twig sculpture on the Bald Spot, came down almost four years after it was erected by Carleton staff and volunteers. But it didn’t go away without a proper goodbye. A farewell ice cream social in honor of the sculpture was attended by students, faculty, and staff along with many families from the surrounding neighborhood.

Festivities included brief remarks by Director of Exhibitions Laurel Bradley, ice cream for everyone, and balloons for children. Many in attendance placed goodbye notes inside the branches of the sculpture.

Twigonometry Farewell Event

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Farewell speech
Farewell speech
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Dear Twiggie
Dear Twiggie
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Laurel Bradley

Laurel Bradley, Director of Exhibitions & Curator of the College Art Collection, addresses the crowd at the Twigonometry farewell event


Chris Graff
24 July 2006