Are you a Carleton student? Do you love art? Are you eligible for student work? Then COME WORK WITH US!

We have several open positions and are looking for enthusiastic Carls. Apply to be the next generation of Museum Attendants, Curatorial Assistants, Collection Assistants, Event Coordinators and Media Production Assistants.

Application Timeline

  • Monday, March 22 – Application process opens
  • Sunday, April 11 – Applications and résumés due by midnight
  • Monday, April 19 and Tuesday, April 20 – Interviews with museum staff

The application deadline has now passed, and the museum will be recruiting again in Spring 2022. Please check back or contact museum director Sara Cluggish to express your interest in working at the museum.

About the Working Culture of the Perlman Teaching Museum:

The Perlman Teaching Museum is a fun and exciting place to work at Carleton! We pride ourselves on investing in the personal, intellectual and professional development of our student workers. In all available roles you will be guaranteed personalized mentorship from our staff, annual performance reviews, and advice with future internships and careers opportunities. We want to provide the best possible learning experience for you in an enjoyable and creative art-filled environment!

This is what our current student workers have to say about working at the museum:

I love working in a space that is full of art and people who appreciate it!

I like working at the Perlman Teaching Museum because it gives me the chance to see art and learn about artists I otherwise wouldn’t. The exhibits are diverse in the voices and content they represent, and I always learn something new from them.

I love working in Perlman Teaching Museum because I get to spend time immersed in a place devoted to art and creativity. I can walk around the exhibits whenever I want, and each time, I discover something new.

I enjoy being part of the art community of Carleton and talking to visitors who have incredible insights and thoughts about our exhibits. In a normal school year, students, professors, and Northfield community members all come to look at the museum and it is always great to talk with them and hear their thoughts. I also love to know more about the exhibits in the museum and to get to explore parts of Carleton’s art collection I never knew existed.

I really enjoy the atmosphere at Perlman Teaching Museum. It’s a great place to look at art and study! I also think all the workers here are amazing and great people to be around.

Have questions about the application process or experience of working at the Perlman Teaching Museum? Email Museum Director, Sara Cluggish at