The museum is a classroom. For faculty and students, the museum is a place that emboldens curiosity and actively encourages interdisciplinary thinking through exhibitions, events, and collection-based learning.

Class Visits to the Collection

Classes from all departments and disciplines at Carleton College can reserve the Perlman Teaching Museum Classroom and view artworks from the Carleton Art Collection. Carleton faculty can learn more about the collection and browse it online. Public and student access to these areas is available by appointment. Virtual options for engaging with the collection are also available. Advance notice of two weeks is appreciated.

To schedule a collection visit, please complete a Visit Request form.

Class Visits to Exhibitions

We welcome teachers and their students to visit our exhibitions through self-guided and/or curator-led tours. To arrange your visit, please complete a Visit Request form. Advance notice of two weeks is appreciated. Virtual options for engaging with our exhibition projects are also available.

Please include the following information in your query:

  • Group name and course title
  • Faculty name and contact information
  • Number of attendees
  • Exhibition/s you would like to attend
  • Preferred date and time
  • Group specifications

Learn more about museum hours and location.

Faculty Curated Projects

Exhibitions and events at the Perlman Teaching Museum, serve to extend and enrich the teaching mission of the college. Our programs seek to engage our academic core in ways that enrich curricular and co-curricular offerings. The Perlman Teaching Museum is open to many partners, and regularly invites faculty to collaborate on exhibitions, events and experimental object-based projects.

Roles and opportunities include:

  • Being an exhibition co-curator and proposing a new research idea
  • Mounting an exhibition to suit a course
  • Developing curatorial and interpretive events
  • Proposing art acquisitions tailored to curricular uses

Have an exciting new research idea which would make for a great visual experience at the teaching museum? Get in touch! To discuss exhibition possibilities, contact Sara Cluggish, museum director and curator.

Learn more about the Carleton Exhibitions Program across Carleton College, including the work of our close partners in the Gould Library.