Artistic encounters all around the college

Sculptures and installations across campus add a public dimension to Carleton’s art collection. Larger works are often set outdoors, while sculptures and tapestries of various sizes are situated inside campus buildings.   

Large-scale sculptures by Hadzi and Jacobson act as place-markers, defining hubs of art and learning. The Japanese Garden by David Slawson is a place-maker, creating a tranquil environment in a secluded area behind a tall residential building.

Carleton’s buildings feature sculptures and other large and small artistic elements.  Well-placed art objects complement their settings. Charles Biederman’s abstract relief echoes the modernist architecture of Boliou Hall, while Jacques Lipchitz’s Cubist Reader fittingly resides in the college library. Signe Ortiz’ massive tapestry stretches through two stories in the Gould Library, a setting rich in other commissioned projects including Jody Williams’ Carleton Cabinet of Wonders, 2007.

Description and image selection by Scott Kelly ’13