Tamar Segev ’16
Studio Art Major 
Based in Champaign, IL 

“My current work explores connections between familial memory, historical narratives, and contemporary culture, as they are embedded in specific sites and surfaces of architecture. My mark-making, through drawing, painting, carving, and stitching, is a physical act of remembrance, an effort to both penetrate and preserve memory.”


Professional Life Post-Carleton 


  • MFA in Studio Art, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Favorite memory of life at Carleton 

“During my senior year, I had student models pose for me twice a week while I made large-scale figurative paintings. This was such a fun and formative opportunity.”

Favorite memory of studying with Dan Bruggeman and Fred Hagstrom

“I met Fred when I visited Carleton and his welcoming tour of Boliou impacted my decision to attend. His printmaking classes were some of my favorite classes and printmaking has continued to be an enjoyable part of my art practice. I took Life Drawing with Dan, a class I am now teaching as a grad instructor. I learned an appreciation for figure drawing in his class, which I hope to impart to my students. Fred and Dan also both encouraged me to pursue an MFA and advised me during the process.”