Mildred Beltre ’91

Mildred Beltré ’91
Studio Art and Anthropology/Sociology Majors 
Based in Brooklyn, NY and Burlington, VT 

“Beltré is a multi-disciplinary artist invested in grassroots activism, social justice, and political movements. Her work spans photography, print-making, drawing, text-based formats, and fiber arts. Across these diverse mediums, Beltré carries forth the legacies of revolutionary protests and civil rights movements, while bringing in elements of desire and humor to disarm and engage the viewer.”

Professional Life Post-Carleton 

Present Day

  • Associate Professor of Art at the University of Vermont


  • Received MFA in printmaking from the University of Iowa 

Favorite memory of life at Carleton 

“Spending time working in the printshop at Boliou was one of my favorite things to do at Carleton. I also liked sitting and looking at magazines by the big window at Boliou. Last time I visited I did just that.”

Favorite memory of studying with Fred Hagstrom 

“My favorite memories of Fred were the summer that he and I worked together on a grant project he encouraged me to apply for. Through that project I learned how to do stone lithography, feel in love with printmaking and developed a line of inquiry in my work that still sustains me today.  Another thing I liked is that he often made his work right alongside us students. It was great to see him working, I learned a lot about hard work through that as well.”