Genevieve Hanson ’03
Studio Art Major, Media Studies Minor
Based in New York, NY

“I work in photography. I suppose I make different images for different reasons. If I am making art, I try to place the beheld in a fluid and interchangeable relationship with the beholder, who is sometimes myself — sometimes the camera — sometimes the viewer. If I succeed in making a good work of art — we are all the same — and it cannot be said who is doing what to whom and when or for how long and if the gaze has been pinned, then I’ve probably made a good photograph, which has its significance too.”

Professional Life Post-Carleton

“After Carleton I moved to New York City where I spent three years assisting a contemporary art reproduction photographer and then three more years assisting an antiquities reproduction photographer before starting my own reproduction photography business. The images I’ve made for artists and galleries have appeared many times in print as well as in online publications.

“Artistically, I had a solo exhibition in 2009 at Half Gallery of my images of grain silos and over the years I’ve contributed photography to several group shows in New York.”

Favorite memory of life at Carleton

“I remember the smell of maple cinnamon Malt-o-Meal over the Cannon River.”

Favorite memory of studying with Linda River Rossi

“Linda Rossi trained our eyeballs to see deeply into the physical world, stressing the primacy of observation while we learned how to capture it, develop it, print it, and talk about it. To a great extent, I felt this was underscored in most of my art and art-history training at Carleton, to see keenly what is in front of you before trying to understand, maneuver, and integrate it into knowledge.”