Dylan Yvonne Welch drawing

Dylan Yvonne Welch ’08
Studio Art and Environmental Studies Major 
Based in Minneapolis, MN 

“Nature, at work all day in all ways, offers a vision of a system that isn’t defined by the extraction and oppression required by capitalism. The growth and decay of a plant follows a general pattern that can be exploited. Yet plants (and fungi, animals, rocks, trees, water, wind…) actively resist generalization. They cooperate and collaborate in a tightly-knit community that I will spend my life learning from.”


Professional Life Post-Carleton


  • Residency at Atelier Sfumato in Paris, France


  • Residency at Mendocino Art Center, California


  • Residency at Kala Art Institute in Berkeley, California

Favorite memory of life at Carleton

“Feeling at home in Boliou: bumping into teachers and fellow in the hall, everybody bustling, gathering together to eat snacks and look at art. The feeling of conviviality. And taking the occasional late-night dip in the fountain!”

Favorite memory of studying with Dan Bruggeman, Fred Hagstrom, and Linda River Rossi

“River stood up for me when my arts-based ENTS capstone project was about to be rejected by faculty from other departments. I felt pretty intimidated, so River’s support was crucial! 

“Sadly, I never had Dan as a teacher (and I’ve STILL never taken a painting class!), but I’ve loved getting to know him since being a student. Being a student is only the beginning of these relationships!

“Fred showed me how important it is to share stories and how many stories get overlooked. Once I stumbled on the term “archivist activist” I knew immediately that it applied to him.”