Cooper Dodds ’13

Cooper Dodds ’13
Studio Art Major
Based in Lebanon, NH

“I am a photographer and book-artist working within the documentary tradition to explore people’s relationships to self, place, and the divine.”

Professional Life Post-Carleton


Monograph “Jumper: Flying in the Heartland,” which chronicles the century-old tradition of ski jumping in the American Midwest, was published by Daylight Books in 2019.

Favorite memory of life at Carleton

“Many of my fondest memories of Carleton come from time spent exploring the sprawling & lovely Arboretum with friends. And I remember countless late nights working in Boliou where, no matter the hour, you’d have friends working away as well.”

Favorite memory of studying with Linda River Rossi

“One of my earliest River Rossi memories is from a Photo 101 field trip to Hot Sam’s, where she instilled in us the simple joy of walking & looking. River created a welcoming space where she encouraged students to approach their work with an open heart & mind. These ideas continue to shape how I look at the world, both with and without the camera.”