Alex Chohlas-Wood ’08
Studio Art Major
Based in San Francisco, CA

“These days, my practice is confined to photographs and videos of small moments or places that catch my eye or make me laugh. My images focus on texture, colors, lines, and nature.”

Favorite memory of life at Carleton

“I have fond memories of staying in Boliou late at night working on comps with other seniors, and walking back home in the early morning with the birds chirping!”

Favorite memory of studying with Fred Hagstrom and Linda River Rossi

“Over the course of many long conversations with Linda and Fred (who, in retrospect, were incredibly generous with their time!), I learned to pair the logical, analytical thinking I’d learned elsewhere at Carleton with a healthy dose of instinct and subjective perspective. It’s an approach that continues to serve me well, even in my current work far from the arts.”