The Lawrence ’60 and Linda Perlman Teaching Museum is a resource for teaching and learning and a community gathering place.

Teaching Museum

As a “teaching museum,” the Perlman emphasizes the role that art plays in posing questions about life. Exhibitions examine how artworks give aesthetic form to ideas, and spark conversations between and across disciplines.

Museum staff work with the campus community to present public programs, curatorial seminars, and exhibition projects. We also encourage and facilitate use of the Carleton College Art Collection for teaching and research.

The Facility

At 7,800 square feet, the museum offers two handsome galleries, and fully equipped support spaces. The public spaces comprise the soaring Braucher Gallery, with 24 foot ceilings and an adjustable lighting grid, and the more intimate Kaemmer Family Gallery. Downstairs is a classroom, specially designed for studying objects from the College Art Collection.

Functional spaces include a matting and framing studio, a workshop, storage for museum furniture and crates, and Art Collection Storage. The entire facility is climate-controlled to high museum standards, facilitating loans of art from museums, private collections, and individuals.

Sara Cluggish

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