After two years of pandemic and Zoom foolery, the Classes of ’70 and ’71 are finally going to have a live reunion, August 5-7, 2022. And we’re celebrating with each other — two classes who spent three years on campus together. We can renew old relationships and perhaps discover what we have in common now that we didn’t recognize 50 years ago.

The class bio books are worth a look; you can find a direct link to each classmate’s bio book by clicking on their post. You all received hard copies of your own class books but have you looked at the other one? View the Class of 1970 Storybook and the Class of 1971 Book of Changes. If you haven’t put in your story, you still can! We asked some reunion committee members to name a couple of folks they hope to see from their own or the adjacent class.

Bob Schober ’70

Charlie Quimby ’71 would like to see…

When I drafted Bob for my Rotblatt team, I knew I had nothing in common with him except maybe arrogance—that I could manage skilled but mismatched personalities to the title. Boy, was I totally wrong!

I’m a sucker for transformation stories, and I see Bob and I now have a lot in common.


Jan Bramhall (Kschinka) ’70

Charlie Quimby ’71 would like to see… I met Jan as the girlfriend of Mark, who was one of the class of ’70 unlucky enough to draw Fourth Musser with a bunch of us freshmen. Her Bio doesn’t say she was poet and far more aware of threats to the western environment than I was. Nor does is it say Mark died last year. We’ve connected on Facebook, and I want to connect for real.

Ed Danielson ’70

Mary Wilson ’71 hopes to see…
Spring of our freshman year, my roommate Linda Stephani hatched a crazy plan: “Let’s do a radio show!” Gunga Ed Danielson showed us the ropes, helped us get our 3d class radio operator’s license (or whatever it was we needed) and gave us a weekly time slot. The Moosefat and Valaja Bumbulis Hodgepodge of Hits was born! It was one of the highlights of my time at Carleton and I’d like to express my thanks to Gunga Ed for the opportunity in person.

Anne Dickison ’70

Mary Wilson ’71 hopes to see… I didn’t really know Anne at Carleton, and I don’t know how or when we became Facebook friends (most likely a friend of friends thing), but as her words suggest, she has led and continues to lead a fascinating life and she writes about it with skill and humor. I’d love the opportunity to connect IRL (as the kids say)!

Charlie Quimby ’71

JoAnn Riecke ’70 hopes to see… When we were at Carleton I knew who he was, but I can’t say I knew him. However, I will always remember a few years later when he submitted the most hilarious update on his situation to the Voice.Basically he had failed at everything he had tried to do. It was the best comic relief to everyone else’s success story and helped me feel better about myself. digital/collection/Voice/id /13990/rec/1

Russ Geyer (71′), Elsie Myers Martin (’71), Marcia Frost (’70), Shanta Nurullah (’71)

Don Camp ’70 hopes to see… We spent six months together in India, taking classes at Deccan College, learning a new culture, studying politics and music, taking the bus around Maharashtra, and partying in Goa.  I want an India reunion.  I want to hear Shanta play the sitar again.
1969-1970_off campus studies_2 (2) (1)

Don Barry ’70

Nancy Kerr ’70 hopes to see… They visited me briefly in Philadelphia when I was in med school and they were en route to Turkey and they are also Japan summer study colleagues.

Roxy Barry ’70

Nancy Kerr ’70 hopes to see… They visited me briefly in Philadelphia when I was in med school and they were en route to Turkey and they are also Japan summer study colleagues.

Bob Glenny ’71, Karen (Klusmeyer) Lubke ’71, Don Gjerdingen ’71, and Brendan (John) Pieters ’71

Faye Knowles ’71 hopes to see… So many folks I wish I’d gotten to know better while at Carleton! Reunion planning has brought a few of these into my life, but I want MORE. Besides, Don was my freshman “secret Brother,” and I was Brendan’s “secret sister.” And Brendan, if you come, I have some old letters of yours trying to guess who I was. . . you were a literary giant even then.

Dorrie Rhodes

Margaret Kehrer ’71 hopes to see… We were roommates and I have seen her only briefly twice in all these years.

Professor Chuck Carlin and Professor Jerry Mohrig

Roc Ordman ’70 hopes to see… They were both Organic Chemistry Professors when we were at Carleton, and both live in Northfield. All the bio and chem people will be delighted to see them.

Nancy Banks ’71

Beth Lewis ’71 hopes to see… Nancy helped me get through our “elective” English Comps, which Owen Jenkins though was a travesty to tradition.

Irene Horak ’71

Beth Lewis ’71 hopes to see… I hope Irene is able to travel from Switzerland and join us in Northfield.

Johnnie Bulger Hyde ’71

Beth Lewis ’71 hopes to see… Johnnie, here is a great chance to see your friends from 1970 &b “71; Roc is planning folk dancing, so you must come.

Terry Mazurak ’71

Beth Lewis ’71 hopes to see… Terry should reunite with the characters from his Musser freshman floor that was matched with the girls in Evans E.

Prof. Michael Zuckert

Peter G Drymalski ’71 hopes to see… Zuckert was one my my two favorite professors.

Jim Wooldridge ’71

Peter G Drymalski ’71 hopes to see… Jim was my roommate for several years.

Angie Barnes ’70

Peter G Drymalski ’71 hopes to see… Angie was always a good friend.

Mary Kathleen Cunningham ’71

Nancy (Allen) Foran ’71 hopes to see… Mary Kath was such a close friend for the last couple of years at Carleton, and we were roomies at Yale Divinity School. Though our lives eventually took different paths, I would LOVE to reconnect!

Linda (Sorensen) McElfresh ’71

Nancy (Allen) Foran ’71 hopes to see… We had a lot of good times together – in and out of religion classes! I’d love to see Linda again.