Academic Support for Students

The Academic Support Center (ASC) supports and guides all Carleton students in their pursuit of academic excellence. The ASC offers assistance with time management, critical thinking, and study strategies, as well as specific skills such as writing, public speaking, math, and more.

Accommodations for Students

The Office of Accessibility Resources promotes access and equity for all students at Carleton. They value full access to the wide range of academic, organizational, residential, and work opportunities for Carleton students, regardless of disability status. And they aim to be a catalyst for ensuring equal learning and working opportunities for students with disabilities.


Human Resources

Photo of Kirsten Budin
Kirsten Budin
Benefits Manager

Campus Governance

All faculty should familiarize themselves with the campus governance structure. Responsibility for the operation of the College is imposed by law upon the Board of Trustees. The Board must assign the functions to a range of administrative officers, faculty, and other individuals or groups.

At Carleton, much of the policy regarding the life of the College falls naturally into two categories: educational policy, which is established by the faculty; and other matters of campus governance, on which policy is formulated by the College Council. Faculty exercise that responsibility in their monthly meeting, under the direction of their elected President, with the assistance of a standing committee, known as the Education and Curriculum Committee (ECC).

View a full list of college committees.

Classroom/Research Needs

Perlman Center for Learning and Teaching

Photo of Jennifer Ross-Wolff
Jennifer Ross-Wolff Bio
Director of the Perlman Center for Learning and Teaching & Humphrey Doermann Professor of Liberal Learning
Professor of Biology

Laurence McKinley Gould Library

Photo of Rebecca Bramlett
Rebecca Bramlett
Special Collections Librarian
Photo of Sarah Calhoun
Sarah Calhoun ’01 Bio
Reference & Instruction Librarian for Humanities and Digital Scholarship
Photo of Brenda Hellen
Brenda Hellen
Interlibrary Loan and Reserves Specialist
Photo of Sean Leahy
Sean Leahy Bio
Reference & Instruction Librarian for Social Sciences
Photo of Claudia Peterson
Claudia Peterson Bio
Head of Reference & Instruction
Barnes & Noble Bookstore – Sayles Hill

To adopt textbooks for your class, access the Adoptions and Insights Portal through the Hub.

Photo of Patricia O'Donnell
Patricia O’Donnell
Barnes & Noble Bookstore Manager

Computers and Telephones

Here is a printable guide to Technology for Carleton Faculty. Please visit the Information Technology Services (ITS) website for all of your computing and telephone needs.

Faculty Development Accounts/Payroll

Business Office

Photo of Susan Benson
Susan Benson Bio
Grant and Cash Manager
Photo of Jennifer Paulson
Jennifer Paulson Bio
Payroll Specialist
Photo of Nick Sahli
Nick Sahli
Expense Specialist
Photo of Melissa Smith
Melissa Smith
Accounts Payable Specialist

Fitness and Recreation

Carleton College encourages all students, faculty, and staff to seek and maintain a balanced, healthy lifestyle. The Recreation Center ensures a safe and inviting experience with expansive offerings.

Registration and Grading

Security Services

Carleton’s Security Services team works to maintain campus safety and the security of the entire Carleton community, students, staff, faculty, and campus visitors.

Student Questions and Resources

The Dean of Students and Associate Deans serve as advocates, advisers, and problem solvers for all students at Carleton. They offer educational counseling, monitor academic progress, and administer College policies.

Student Wellness

Student Health and Counseling provides help for students seeking medical, counseling, psychiatry, and nutrition services.

TRIO / Student Support Services

The Carleton College TRIO/SSS program assists participants in overcoming social, cultural, financial, personal, academic, and other challenges to fully participate in the life of the college and ultimately achieve the goal of graduation.

Workplace Concerns

The Carleton College Ombuds Office is a resource for workplace concerns for faculty and staff, providing employees with a comfortable place to discuss problems or concerns, de-escalate issues, and improve working relationships.

Your administrative assistant can help you interact with the following offices:


Maintenance, Facilities, and Custodial Services

Photo of Kristi Krenik
Kristi Krenik
Maintenance Administrative Assistant
Photo of Deborah Ludwig
Deborah Ludwig
Custodial Administrative Assistant
Photo of Patti Sabrowski
Patti Sabrowski
Custodial Services Manager

Printing and Mailing

Print Services

Photo of Andy Thompson
Andy Thompson
Print Services Coordinator

Mail Services

Photo of David Entenmann
David Entenmann Bio
Mail Services and OneCard Program Coordinator

Room Reservations

Classroom Reservations

Photo of Ann May
Ann May
Registrar Associate for Curriculum, Compliance, and Reporting

Campus Scheduling

Photo of Jana Lelm
Jana Lelm Bio
Campus Scheduling Administrator
Photo of Noel Ponder
Noel Ponder
Manager of Conferences and Event Services

Alumni Guest House

Photo of Chris Rohr
Chris Rohr
Auxiliary Services & Special Events Administrative Assistant