1. You have been given a copy of your mentees’ c.v.’s Familiarize yourself with them before your first meeting.  Think of this first meeting as an opportunity to discover the people behind the resume.
  2. Your mentees has been given a copy of your c.v. or bio. Let your mentees get to know you a little.  Tell them about your experience as a faculty member at Carleton. Talk about why you have decided to be a faculty mentor.
  3. Be sure that your mentees know how to contact you: email address, telephone numbers. You also should have this information for your mentees.
  4. Ask your mentees what they expect from you.
  5. Tell your mentees what you expect from them.
  6. Define goals for the relationship collaboratively.
  7. Discuss confidentiality expectations among all members of the cohort.
  8. Don’t leave this meeting without setting a place, date, and time for your next meeting.