The crucial roles of MMUF mentors include:

  • Guiding your fellow’s research trajectory
  • Providing feedback on public-facing research products such as on and off campus presentations and drafts of journal articles
  • Providing feedback on internal research products such as annotated bibliographies and article summaries
  • Exposing fellows to professional development opportunities
  • Explaining the contours of your discipline
  • Assisting with the graduate school application process
  • Modeling the day-to-day life of an academic

Current Mentors

Photo of Victoria Austen
Victoria Austen Bio
Robert A. Oden, Jr. Postdoctoral Fellow for Innovation in the Humanities and Classics
Photo of Anita Chikkatur
Anita Chikkatur Bio
Photo of Adriana Estill
Adriana Estill Bio
Director of American Studies
Professor of English and M.A. and A.D. Hulings Professor of American Studies
Photo of Daniel Groll
Daniel Groll Bio
Chair of Philosophy
Professor of Philosophy
Photo of Wes Markofski
Wes Markofski Bio
Associate Professor of Sociology
Chair of Sociology and Anthropology
Photo of Anna Moltchanova
Anna Moltchanova Bio
David and Mary-Alice Sipfle Professor of Philosophy
Director of Gender, Women’s & Sexuality Studies
Photo of Victoria Morse
Victoria Morse Bio
Department Chair of History
Director of Medieval and Renaissance Studies
Professor of History
Photo of Jake Morton
Jake Morton Bio
Assistant Professor of Classics
Photo of Annette Nierobisz
Annette Nierobisz Bio
Ada M. Harrison Distinguished Teaching Professor of the Social Sciences
Professor of Sociology
Off Campus: Winter 2024
Photo of Anastasia Pantazopoulou
Anastasia Pantazopoulou Bio
Visiting Assistant Professor of Classics
Photo of Hope Sample
Hope Sample Bio
Assistant Professor of Philosophy
Photo of Cherlon Ussery
Cherlon Ussery Bio
Associate Professor of Linguistics
Chair of Linguistics
Photo of Seungjoo Yoon
Seungjoo Yoon Bio
Associate Professor of History