May 16

Mellon Mays Presentation by Keynote Speaker Anthony Harb '15

Thu, May 16, 2024 • 4:30pm - 5:30pm (1h) • Weitz 161 Cinema

Keynote Speaker:  MMUF Alum Anthony Harb '15, Assistant Professor in Language and Social Justice at University of California, San Diego, presents:  "Languaging Toward Home:  Becoming an Interdisciplinary Scholar of Language and Social Justice".

"In this talk, I discuss the personal and professional twists and turns that have shaped my trajectory of becoming an interdisciplinary scholar of language, media, immigration, and education. Drawing on research conducted alongside Northfield’s local Spanish-language community radio program and their collaboration on a civic-engagement course taught in the Spanish department at Carleton, this talk reflects on the impact of creating media and educational spaces that bring together diverse actors typically separated by institutional privilege and status to advance social change on the local level. To situate myself within my broader scholarly identity, I tell the story of how I arrived at questions of linguistic justice during my time as an MMUF Fellow at Carleton, and how the intellectual path I’ve taken has been shaped by my experience as a speaker of Arabic, English, and Spanish."

Event Contact: kmolden
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Mellon Mays Presentation by Keynote Speaker Anthony Harb '15
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