Select publications:

Meerts, S. H., Anderson, K. S., Farry-Thorn, M. E., Johnson, E. G., & Taxier, L. (2017). Prepubertal ovariectomy modulates paced mating behavior but not sexual preference or conditioned place preference for mating in female rats. Physiology & behavior171, 142–148.

Arnold, M. R., Thallon, C. L., Pitkofsky, J. A., & Meerts, S. H. (2019). Sexual experience confers resilience to restraint stress in female rats. Hormones and behavior107, 61–66.

Piergies, A., Hicks, M. E., Jr, Schwartz, J. P., & Meerts, S. H. (2019). Sexually experienced, but not naïve, female rats show a conditioned object preference (COP) for mating after a single training trail. Physiology & behavior198, 42–47.

Select Posters:

Is sexual motivation or anxiety in female rats affected by anti-depressant doses of ketamine? Poster by Sarah H. Meerts2, Fay A. Guarraci1, Chantal M. F. Gonzalez1, Maryam Ali1, Devon Lucero1, & Michael Broyles1 ; November 2019

Can we determine the physiological processes underlying sexual motivation and sensitivity to genital stimulation? Poster by Sarah H. Meerts, Sophie L. Bokor, Helen Paglia, & Yoojin Kim

Partner preference is modulated by sexual experience in female rats. Poster by Rachel R. Bachman, Jin Hong Park, Ria Sekhawat, & Sarah H. Meerts; 11 June 2015

Effects of Previous Sexual Experience Are Evident During 30-Minute Tests of Paced Mating Behavior Poster by Rosemary S. Schairer, Helen K. Strnad, Molly E. Farry-Thorn, Elliott G. Johnson, & Sarah H. Meerts

The Effects of Prepubertal Ovariectomy on Sexual Motivation and Reward in Female Rats. Poster by Kelly S. Anderson, Molly E. Farry-Thorn, Elliott G. Johnson, Lisa R. Taxier, Rosemary S. Schairer, & Sarah H. Meerts