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Guterl*, S.A., McNamara*, T.A., Klumpp*, G.C., & Meerts, S.H. (2015). Female rats express a conditioned object preference for receipt of sexual stimulation. Physiol Behav 151, 320-326.

Meerts, S.H., Strnad*, H.K., & Schairer*, R.S. (2015). Paced mating behavior is affected by clitoral-vaginocervical lidocaine application in combination with sexual experience. Physiol Behav. 140, 222-229.  

Meerts, S. H., Schairer, R. S., Farry-Thorn, M. E., Johnson, E. G., & Strnad, H. K. (2014). Previous sexual experience alters the display of paced mating behavior in female rats. Hormones and Behavior.

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