2019-2020 Recipients

2018-2019 Recipients

2017-2018 Recipients

Levi Atkinson (Art History/Studio Art ’19): Exploration of Venetian Gothic and Renaissance Architecture in Venice, Italy (Art History OCS in Europe)

Italy, I am proposing that I use this funding to visit Venice, Italy and experience its unique architecture and environment. I would focus my architectural site visits to the Renaissance and Gothic based styles of architecture.

August Lindgren-Ruby (English & Music ’20): Vikings, Normans and Englishmen (English OCS London)

I propose an exploration into the cultural intersection of medieval English, French and Danish people, tracing the path of the 1066 Norman invasion and occupation of England by Duke William II of Normandy.

Emily Schwartz (Physics ’19): Medieval History in Alsace (Art History OCS in Europe)

I would like to travel to Strasbourg in France and study its cathedral. The project would be centered around the cathedral, but also how this massive structure has impacted the city around it. I would also like to explore the architectural aspects of the cathedral from an artistic perspective. 

Matt Thill (Statistics ’20): A Taste of Medieval England (Economic/European Studies OCS Cambridge)

The four sites that I would like to visit most include Fountains Abbey, Windsor Castle, Leeds Castle, and Temple Church. I
selected these destinations because they are all places that I have read about in the past and am familiar with, and I believe they capture diversity in location, time period, and historical significance.