Byrhtferth Diagram
A 10th-century diagram depicting the interconnections between aspects of the world.

The Medieval and Renaissance Studies Minor encourages students interested in the global cultures and kingdoms that flourished from ca. 250-1700 CE to deepen their understanding of all aspects of these people and worlds and their intersections through an interdisciplinary program of study.

Heirs to ancient empires and creators of complex cultures, the societies in northern Europe, the Mediterranean Basin, East and South Asia, Africa, the North Atlantic, and Latin America each offer fascinating opportunities to watch communities and cultures coping with timeless problems of power, identity, meaning, belief, and value. Students explore these topics through written, archaeological, material, and visual evidence in pursuit of a rich, multi-dimensional understanding of other peoples and other worlds.

The minor is open to students in ANY major who wish to expand their knowledge of this fascinating period of human history and all of the cultures and connections that contributed.