Our department has Student Departmental Advisors (SDAs) for both statistics and mathematics students. They are a great resource for questions about our majors and minor, courses, pre-requisites, and registration.

2021-22 Math Major SDAs:

Bryan Boehnke (he/him/his) is a Mathematics major and will be one of the Math SDAs for the 2021-22 academic year. As an SDA, he is excited to continue fostering an inclusive and welcoming community upon our return to campus. Outside of mathematics, he enjoys playing guitar, running in the Arb, and playing video, board, and card games with friends. Please feel free to reach out to him if you have any questions regarding course registration, the major or minor, or just want to say hi! His favorite Carleton math classes include Advanced Linear Algebra and Galois Theory.

Shira Julie (she/her/hers) is a Math major and History minor. Her favorite activities on campus are playing cello in the Carleton Orchestra, meeting new people in all of her classes, and of course, doing math! Shira is thrilled to be an SDA and is looking forward to planning exciting events to create a fun and inclusive community in the math/stats department. Her favorite math classes at Carleton have been Abstract Algebra and Real Analysis II, and her favorite game to play is Codenames!

2021-22 Stat Major SDAs:

Karryn Leake (she/her/hers) is a Statistics major who loves tennis, music, and true crime podcasts! She is very excited to become an SDA to help develop a strong sense of community and excitement in the Math/Stats department as we return back to in-person events. Additionally, she hopes that she can make the Stats major accessible to those who came in knowing their set path and to those who hadn’t even considered the major before. Karryn’s favorite stats courses at Carleton have been Time Series Analysis and Data Science. Feel free to reach out to her to discuss classes and registration, the major in general, or if you just want to chat/have any podcast recommendations!

Yicheng Shen (he/him/his) is a Statistics and Political Science double major. He really appreciates the core value of liberal arts education and the learning opportunity to integrate knowledge from both fields. His favorite course taken at Carleton is using R in Data Science and his favorite activities on campus are karate, badminton and SUMO movie night. He also works in the Quantitative Resource Center (QRC) as a tutor. He is happy to share experience and answer questions about course registration, balancing two majors, and finding appropriate resources and research experience.