Curricular Practical Training (CPT) authorization is often required for international students seeking employment in the US. This employment must be related to the student’s major, or intended major, and the student must complete a course in their major that directly incorporates their CPT work.

If you are an international students seeking to satisfy your CPT requirement in the Mathematics and Statistics Department, please follow these steps:

Prior to starting your CPT employment

  • Step 1: Fill out this CPT information form. You will need a brief description of your job duties and the name of a faculty member in the Mathematics and Statistics Department who has agreed to supervise your CPT activity. If needed, the department chair can assist you in finding a supervising faculty member.
  • Step 2: Create a list of learning objectives for your CPT experience, with annotation of their relevance to the mathematics or statistics major.  You will also design a plan for how to assess whether these objectives have been met when the experience is complete. Email this material to the department chair and your supervising faculty member.
  • Step 3: Waitlist Math 297 (math majors) or Stat 297 (stat majors). Once your material from step 2 has been approved, you will be allowed to register.

During your CPT employment

  • Step 4: Keep a daily journal or blog with information about the experience that relates to the learning objectives.

After your CPT employment

  • Step 5: Write a summary (in 2-5 pages) of the experience, assess your learning objectives using the assessment plan created earlier, and write a one page description of the outcomes of the learning objectives. Submit these materials to your supervising faculty member:
    • Your learning objectives
    • Your assessment plan
    • Your journal
    • Your summary
    • Your assessment of your learning objectives
  • Step 6: After submitting these materials, you will meet with your CPT supervising faculty member and give a twenty minute polished presentation on the overall experience and how it relates to the mathematics or statistics major.  This presentation could be on mathematics/statistics learned, or aspects of the mathematics/statistics profession, or applications of mathematics/statistics.